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The House Hotel

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Reimagining what it means to live, work, visit, and relax in the Saudi port city, The House Hotel Jeddah is a five-star design boutique property where lifestyle and community seamlessly co-exist, and a first of its kind in the fast-changing major player in the Middle East that is Saudi Arabia.

Studio Noor have created the interior design, with guestrooms, f&b and public spaces defined by an aesthetic born from their deep research on Saudi culture, materials, patterns, colours and crafts. The challenge was to create hotel interiors that would combine the vision of the Owners (who are also the architects of the building), the concept of the Management Company - The House Hotel.

Studio Noor wanted to instill a strong sense of the place without falling into the common traits found in most 5-star or boutique hotels in the Middle East, yet retaining a very strong and authentic Saudi flair. The overall design celebrates Jeddah’s historical district, Al-Balad, with connections to Jeddah's cultural heart throughout the hotel. The result is a carefully choreographed aesthetic that gives the guest an informal experience.