Raffles Grand Hotel dAngkor


Kingdom Royal Investments



Date of completion


Located in the former Royal Khmer compound, in tranquil Siem Reap, the Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor is a stunning heritage property, which was recently taken over by Kingdom Hotel Investments.

The refurbishment of the hotel, included all of the 150 guest rooms, the addition of new Cabana Suites, the two Raffles villas, the main public spaces including the lobby.

Inspired by the French Colonial/Art Deco exteriors, noor have used references, details and furniture suggestive of the time, whilst also creating a more comfortable and cozier interior space, better suited to a modern 5 star hotel.

It was important to noor to retain and reinvigorate the unique colonial charm and sense of place which this property should have. Along with these suggestive elemetns and materials, dark local woods, seductive Jim Thompson fabrics and local Cambodian silks have been used to give a luxurious authentic colonial feel.