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This Aqua Mekong river cruise boat is the first of its kind on the Mekong in terms of design, product, service and guest experience: a river cruise aimed at a boutique luxury market. Based on these parameters and the owners’ clear vision, we were able to create a vessel with a high level of finishing as well as incorporating some bespoke and innovative design elements.

The twenty 30sqm outward-facing suites, are located at the fore of the first and second deck with the facilities and amenities located to the aft behind a central lobby and cantilevering staircase. This ensured as peaceful fore cabin, where there is no unnecessary disturbance to the guests.

The cabins themselves have been carefully laid-out in order to give a feeling of space, with floor-to-ceiling windows and bathrooms located on the outer edge of the vessel with river views, giving a resort like feel which is tuned in to the picturesque and ever-changing Mekong river life.

The interiors of the cabins are shaded and cosy, with locally sourced fabrics, wall treatments and wood. Innovative materials such as woven vinyl flooring, faux mother-of-pearl, aluminum cladding and bespoke stone composite sinks and showers give that additional luxurious touch.

The first deck houses a spa, which is soundproofed and clad in raw silk. The second deck is the main entry point, with a large central lobby and a cocktail lounge with hand-made lacquered walls. Adjacent t is the restaurant with wrap-around views to the aft of the vessel.

Upstairs, the Observation Deck houses the main facilities including; bar lounge, fitness center, library, screening room, sun deck, outdoor pool and various cabanas. The exterior decks give a true resort feel, with contemporary teak and steel furniture and landscaping.

Noor have been awarded the ‘Best New Resort in Asia, 2015’ at the prestigious Asia Hotel Design Awards (Sleeper Magazine)